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Welcome to the 300 Heroes Wiki


300 Heroes is a Chinese MOBA game which is heavily inspired off and manipulates League of Legends assets to make the game.

This Wiki is dedicated to compiling a large amount of information about the game in English, so that the American or European audiences can better understand the game.


  • DEAR 300 PLAYERS! This wikia is now dead, the new revamped wiki can be found here, happy gaming :)
  • New hero: Accelerator
  • Update to the Wikia:
    • New English translations available for Mastery pages!! Check it out and learn what those masteries really do!!
    • Added pages for almost all characters released after Illya
    • Added Summoner Spells
    • This page got a huge update Shinobu Oshino
    • Items are being added
    • Skins are being added

Accelerator Wargreymon

Free Hero Rotation

Hei |Yaya |Luffy |Nyaruko |Shana |Chibi Hunter |Guan Yu |Sephiroth |Usopp |Black Rock Shooter |White Rock Shooter |Misaka Mikoto |Ryuuko Matoi |Gaara |Boa Hancock |ShaWujing |Sylvanas Windrunner |Archibald |Shadow |Kuqi

Important Links/Pages

GUIDES: (NOTE: Some of these guides are outdated due to updates but may still be helpful.)

Downloading/Installing the Game

Navigating the Chinese Menus

How to Join Games

Adding Friends

Character Page

Navigating In-game Shop Menus

Hero Awaken

Mastery pages translated

Game Options Translated

Summoner Spells


  • Important note about free heroes: While your account is still low level, achieving the first win of the day will earn you a random free hero. (and, occasionally, by completing other varying objectives), The hero will appear as a brown bag in your mail that reads "300". By going to your inventory and right clicking this, you will instantly unlock a free hero.
    • Note: The random free hero it unlocks for you can be a hero that you have already purchased, so purchasing all cheap heroes will not 'increase your odds' of getting a more expensive hero.

Chronological Hero List (with pictures)

Alphabetical Hero List

Heroes that are similar or identical to champions from League of Legends

Heroes that are similar or identical to characters from DoTa 1 or 2

Heroes by Price, Heroes by Role, Heroes by the Anime they are from, etc

Possibly announced future Heroes to join 300 Heroes

Game Info

Offensive Items:
Attack Damage
Critical Chance
Attack Speed
Armor Penetration
Life Steal
Magical Items:
Ability Power
Cooldown Reduction
Mana Regen
Magic Penetration
Defensive Items:
Magic Resist
Health Regen
Other Items:
Movement Speed
Gold Income
Spell Blade