Fish Person Ainu

Ainu Stats

Ainu appears to be an original 300 Heroes character.

Character Price: 1200 gold, OR 24 Blue Diamonds


Ainu 0
Passive Increases movement speed when in tall grass and for 2 seconds after leaving tall grass.
Ainu 1
Q Throw a harpoon, dealing magic damage to the first enemy hit. Damage is increased by distance thrown.
Ainu 1-2
Q (Fish Form) Ainu's next attack deals bonus damage based on how much Health the target is missing
Ainu 2
W Places a trap that deals magic damage over 2 seconds. Target is visible and loses Armor and Magic Resist for 12 seconds after triggering the trap. Traps last 4 minutes.
Ainu 2-2
W (Fish Form) Jumps forward a short distance, dealing magic damage on landing.
Ainu 3
E A target ally is healed and gains attack speed for 7 seconds.
Ainu 3-2
E (Fish Form) Deals magic damage to enemies in front of Ainu.
Ainu 4
R  Transforms into a fish person with increased Armor, Magic Resist and Movement Speed.
Ainu 4-2
R (Fish Form) Return to human form.
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