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Boa Hancock: Pirate Empress, Snake Princess

Boa Hancock is a character in One Piece.

Character Price: 2880 gold, OR, 36 Blue Diamonds.

Boa Hancock 02-19=14.jpg

Pistol Kiss


Kiss shot himself, on the hit damage and slows enemies. Petrochemical consecutive hit the target makes the target.

Fascination Gan wind

300 Heroes snake blood Maihime fascination Gan wind


Put your hands emit light gesture of love; would be too light hits the petrochemical and spell damage

Aromatic foot

300 Heroes fragrant foot snake blood Maihime


Using skill increases movement speed, state continues in the next general attack on the enemy causing additional damage; if the target is petrochemicals, the target maximum value of life caused additional damage

Captive Bolt

300 Hero Arrow captive snake blood Monsters


Will form a huge kiss their pound heart-shaped target area, causing damage and petrochemical groups

Obsessed with fruit

300 Heroes snake blood Maihime fascination fruit


Attack was petrified enemies will cause additional damage to real