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Boca: Hobby Scout

Boca - Hobby Scout appears to be an original 300 Heroes character.

Character Price: 1200 gold, OR 24 Blue Diamonds



Icon Slot Spellname Description
Passive Telescope Hobby Scout gains more vision as He levels up
Q Piercing Blast

An increase of 100% of the base movement speed for 1.5 seconds, 0.75 seconds at the beginning of stealth. Accelerated state will interrupt normal attack inflict additional 50 points and physical damage

Cooldown: 14 Seconds

Cost: 50

W Flares

Passive: Every 10 seconds (without cooling down the impact), Hobby scout placement in place investigative guards Active: Hobby scout fired flares into the air, get an instant view of the sky.

Cooldown: 22 Seconds

Cost: 30

E Penetrators

Passive: Every 12 seconds (without cooling down the impact), Hobby scout normal attack will penetrate behind the target and objectives for the target to attack enemy units and cause additional physical damage, the effect of active: reduce enemy armor by 10 in the target area for 5 seconds.

Cooldown: 12 Seconds

Cost: 60

R Hell Intense Light

Hell intense light emitted, causing the enemy Hero spell damage and hitting the target causes a significant reduction in vision.

Cooldown: 150 Seconds

Cost: 100

Power names and explanations taken from Google Translate.

Character Lore[]

Warning: Poorly translated using Google translate, good luck

"War between the Empire and the North South polis, and attracted the attention of other species. Has been living in a quiet valley Hobbit, ears alert to listen to the earth shake. They march route to avoid the two sides to transfer safe place, but when the war burned to everywhere, the Hobbits would never escape route. Boca captain Hobbit technology reconnaissance squad, this diminutive former scouts think, let his companions get stable residence, the best solution would be to help humanity win the war party, so he went to live in humans to reach a contract with the Summoner lords, he will fight the Southern Alliance Polis, with his huge cannon back clean up the enemy! "