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Warlock Baby

FAHRSIDE HERE: A stated in the Champions page, these are just google translations of the skill set presented on the 300 Heroes Website. If you have better understanding of how this champion works, feel free to edit it, or possibly just contact me about it! Thanks!

Character Price: 3800 gold, OR, 40 Blue Diamonds.

Warlock Baby[]

Warlock Baby has skills based on the kit of a destruction warlock in World of Warcraft. The character icon also shows the doll wearing armor from the Tier 6 warlock set



Passive: Death Coil: Using four times each skill, the next will be a skill with a death spiral, the target for the percentage of max health magic damage and restore a certain percentage of their maximum health; while the target will be the fear effect (can not attack and casting).


Q: Sacrifice Surgery: Sacrifice to the target release surgery, causing spell damage. And continued burning target spell damage caused; suffer burn injuries if the ignition period, it will extend the burning duration.


W: Shadowfury: Spell damage caused by the target area and population dizziness.


E: Incinerate: Need to consume one a soul stone, burn to the target direction issued on the first encounter build target spell damage, such as the state of the target body a sacrifice, it will reduce the target's movement speed. Every five seconds to get a soul stone, soul stone up to keep two months, if you kill an enemy instantly get a a soul stone.


R: Chaos Bolt: Chaos Bolt shot on target unit, causing true damage.