Cooldown reduction effects the rate of which ablilities can be used, as well as summoner spells (ex. Flash, Teleport, Ignite, Etc.) Cooldown reduction like all other stats, can be gained via items, runes, masteries, and through blue buff.

It works at a flat rate, reducing the seconds by your percentage of cooldown reduction.

  • For example, 10% cooldown reduction would lower a 10 second recharge time by 1 second.

The max cooldown reduction allowed is 40%.

Items[edit | edit source]


Image Name Price Description
Ability Potion 250 180s, -10%CD, +25AP
Magna Carta 1125

+30AP, +7MP/5s.

Unique Passive: 10% CD

Book of Elements 1235


Unique Passive: Each kill give 2 layers, assist 1 layer, every layer give 5AP, max layers give 15% CD, death loss 1/3 layers.

Dead sea Scrolls 2330

+75AP, +20MP/5s

Unique Passive: 20% CD

Unique Active: Enemy hero get HP/MP regen reduced by 50% for 8s, cooldown 20s.

Glorious Fairy 2600


Active: Deal 25% + ( 4% every 100 AP) enemy's current hp as magic damage. Minimum 200 damage, cooldown 60s

Passive: 15% CD

Heart of Fire 3025

+700MP, +10MP/5s, 10%CD

Active: Set fire anywhere on map, after 1.7 sec erupt, deal in 200 AOE 5% of target's max hp.

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