300 Heroes Wiki

Here, you will learn to how Download and Install the game.

Note: Everything in this game including the website, install, client, etc, is in Chinese or is will come up as strange characters and symbols (example: %^*#$). While there is no translation, everything is still usable through trial and error.

Creating an Account[]

  • Step 3) Enter your email, password, and verification code then hit the bright yellow button 完成注册 (Register) below to confirm.

You're done.


  • Download new.jpg
    Step 2) Click the bright yellow button 游戏下载 (download) that is highlighted by red in this picture. Check your browser's status bar (bottom left of your screen) to make sure that the link you are going to download reads something that includes "300" and ".zip".

Installing the game[]

  • L1. Open the zip file with 7-zip (7-zip.org) or similar archiving applications and extract the exe file.
  • 2. Run the exe file.
  • 3. Follow the steps on screen.

If you are still confused or worried about which buttons to press, here's a video No jkkof the installation:


Installing 300 heroes 2014

Note that although parts of the video are out of date, the installation process is still the same. After you enter your username and password, it would bring you straight to asking for your summoner name on your first login.

You can also choose one of the five starting characters for free. They are (from left to right): Saber, Asuna, Misaka, B.R.S., and Athena. 

If you need help navigating the Chinese menus, click this link .