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Gaara: Kazekage of the Sand


Gaara is a character in Naruto.


Character Price: 2880 gold, OR, 36 Blue Diamonds.



Icon Slot Skill Name Description
Ico 1862..png
Passive Sand Guardian Every 10 seconds Gaara obtains a layer of sand, stacking up to 6 layers. Every ordinary skill will deplete one layer of sand. When the sand's guardian is depleted, skills will not be successful, but will resume a layer of sand Gaara's guardian.
Ico 1863..png
Q Sand tied bier Summons a sand claw that traverses outward in a straight line. Does not damage minions. Stops on contact with a hero. If the enemy is covered in sand, stuns target for 1.5 seconds, doesn't cost a layer of sand, and immediately refreshes cooldown.

Cost : ? / ? / ? / ? / ?

Cooldown : ? / ? / ? / ? / ? seconds

Ico 1865..png
W Absolute Defense Gaara wraps his body in sand, increasing his armor and magic resist by 20 points for the duration. While wrapped, Gaara is silenced and creates a health shield that absorbs damage. During Absolute defense Gaara is unable to move or attack, but any attack from enemy units will trigger a counterattack of sand shells. Sand shells can pass through magic damage to all enemies.

Cost : ?

Cooldown : ? seconds

Ico 1868..png
E Rain of Sand Instantly summon a rain of sand in the target area, dealing magic damage per second to enemeis. Enemy units within the area caused by sand rain will be covered by sand, causing 10% reduction in attack and movement speed. The debuff lasts 2 seconds after leaving the sand area.

Cost : ?

Cooldown : ?

Ico 1870..png
R Bunk of the surgery Instantly restores 6 layers of sand and into the sand of the guardian of the state to keep the crane, increase their resilience by 25. Each attack can increase the strength of its own spell, stacking up to 10 layers. Sha Shou crane state lasts 8 seconds to keep the crane's anger may call for a huge range inflict injury

Cost : ? / ? / ?

Cooldown : ? / ? / ? seconds