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Eve: Golden Darkness / Yami


Golden Darkness or Konjiki No Yami is a character from To-Love-Ru.


Character Price:  6000 Gold or 45 Blue Diamonds.


Icon Slot Spellname Description
(WIP) Passive ? Produces 3% armor penetration each stack and up to 10 total. Every time Golden Darkness uses a skill and/or does a basic attack, it decreases by 1. It regenerates fast enough.
(WIP) Q ?

Increases Golden Darkness' speed to maximum for 2 seconds.

(WIP) W ?

Golden Darkness uses her Trans ability to morph her hair into fists and slams on the ground in front of her. Enemies hit take heavy damage and gets knocked up in the air.

(WIP) E ?

She creates two portals: behind and a bit farther from Golden Darkness. If a Champion (allies or enemies) steps on it, it sucks them in rendering them immobile and unable to use a skill. However, they are untargetable and immune to any kind of damage.

Can be cast again to switch the position of the champions sucked in the portals.

(WIP) R ?

Golden Darkness grows wings and increases her Movement Speed, Attack Speed and Damage. Her other abilities change and can only be targeted to champions and it inflicts damage.

Can be cast again to return her to her original form and original skillset.