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Grim Reaper


Grim Reaper is a phantom and ghostly assassin that wanders in minion/allied champion/heroes bodies.

Grim Reaper appears to be an original 300 heroes character.

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Grim Reaper.jpg

Character Price: 3800 gold, OR 40 Blue Diamonds

Extra: The Hero consists of both gender voices.


WARNING~ These skill names may be inaccurate! Advise anyone who translates Grim's skills would be appreciated to edit them.

Q - Haunting Sickle

Grim throws a crest shaped soul that deals magical damage and slows it's target for a short duration of time.

W - Empowered Spirit

Grim harnesses the souls it consumed for decades and enlightens it's scythe that'll deal magic damage on the next basic attack that ignores 10% Magic resist. (Unconfirmed ignoring magic resist pasive)

E - Soul Bind,  E - Soul Explosion

Grim inherit's itself inside an ally hero/champion or an ally/enemy minions. (Grim cannot Soul Bind through jungle monsters... including Molten Golem and Dragon)

Grim comes out with a following Soul Explosion that deals Magic damage in a short duration around it's host. Grim will be automatically forced out of the host if he/she dies.

R - The Storm of Haunting Spirits

Grim releases all of it's seceded enraged souls and deals an AoE magic damage around Grim. The Storm only lasts 10 seconds.

Passive is unknown.