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Hakurei Reimu is a character from The Touhou Project Series.

Character Price: This character is not available for purchase at this time.

UPDATE: For a limited time only, Reimu may be gained free as an event reward from migrating your account! Check here for details.


Hakurei Reimu.jpg

Q - Monster Buster

Fires four seals that pierce through enemies and deals spell damage, and marks the target(s) for 3 seconds.

W - Omnidirectional Demon-Binding Circle

Creates a spell-binding circle that slows enemies that walk through it. After three seconds, enemies inside the circle are stunned. Basic attacks will deal additional spell damage to enemies that are in the spell-binding circle.

E - Yin Yang Spirit

Fires a Yin Yang orb at a target location that deals spell damage to enemies it contact. Marked enemies that are hit by this attack are knocked back away.

R - Fantasy Seal

Summons a bead every 0.5 seconds around Hakurei Reimu for up to six beads. The beads last for six seconds. During the duration, you can activate this skill again to target a hero and fire all beads at it. The beads will deal spell damage to any hero that contacts it. Consecutive hits on the same target will deal less damage. After using this skill, the effect ends immediately.


Expand POLI great enchantment, inspire hidden stunt "Strong Win"; make their own spells have 1.5 times the probability of causing harm.