Hao Kaja

Hao Kaja.jpg

Character[edit | edit source]

Hao Kaja appears to be an original 300 Heroes character.

Character Price: 420 gold, OR 12 Blue Diamonds

Skills[edit | edit source]

Comparable to "Ashe" from League of Legends.

Major Differences:

  • E, Hawkshot, now slows enemies and hastes allies in a small area.
  • R, Crystal Arrow, does Physical Damage instead of magic.
Icon Slot Skill Name Description
Passive Simpleton After disengagement, HaoKaja improve every 3 seconds 3/6/9/12/15/18% critical chance, this effect will disappear after launching an attack.
Q Arrow Thorns Basic attacks reduces the target's movement speed by 15%

Cooling time: None

Skill Cost: 8

W Sow Destruction HaoKaja fires arrows in a cone dealing damage to enemies.  This can apply Arrow Thorns effects.

Cooling time: 16 seconds

Skill Cost: 60

E Mingdi Reveals a distant area and boosts allies movement speed and slow enemy movement speed in the area.

Cooling time: 20 seconds

Skill Cost: 0 mana

R Storm Messenger Storm Messenger: HaoKaja fires off a huge arrow that stuns the target it hits dealing physical damage.  Enemies near by the stunned target are slowed and take half damage.

Cooling time: 100 seconds

Skill Cost: 150 mana

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