300 Heroes Wiki

1. First, we begin at the main website, here. http://passport.zqgame.com/pst/logout?a=1

2.As shown in the picture below, log in using your 300 heroes login information in the boxes in the red circles in the upper left.

Step by step migration1.png

Step by step migration2.png

3. Click on the 8th selection on the left [1].

Fill in a chinese name in the first box, and a Chinese Citizen ID in the second box.

Hit okay [3].

  • Here's some help:

For creating a Chinese name: Go to google translate and translate a word into chinese. For example, google.com, search translate, pick english into chinese simplifed, for this example type in 'Hero', get the word "英雄". Copy and paste this word into a notepad or something and don't close it. Use the word 英雄 for name.

For creating a Chinese ID: Google "Chinese Citizen ID" there should be a number of possible choices. Using the same ID that someone else has already used isn't a problem.

If you don't want to go through the trouble, try using this number 32622196108040096

Or this number 220105195504221669

Save the number that you use in a notepad just like your chinese name, you will need them both again.

"And if you confuse, just go to this link: http://idgen.larskort.org/p/main/

4.Refresh screen to make sure the information has been saved.

5. Now that your information is prepared, it's time to do the migration. Go here to http://passport.jumpw.com/MovedAccount/login_zqbaccount.jsp

6.Use your normal 300 heroes Log information to log in as shown below.

  • (include the verification code, its 4 digits, if you can't read it, just click on it to change it until you can read it)
Step by step migration3.png

7. Put your chinese ID number into the box, as shown in the picture, followed by another verification code.

Step by step migration4.png

8. This is the final step. Fill out the boxes.

  • Account name
  • New Password (Or the same old one, if you like)
  • Confirm New Password (You have to put it in twice even if you're using the same pass
  • Chinese Name (The same name that you used earlier)
  • Verification code
Step by step migration5.png


10. Keep your Chinese name and Chinese citizen ID in case they ask for yours again.

Optional step: Go get the rewards for transferring which include Reimu for free, her new race car skin, and 10,000 gold. ID_Migration_2015_Rewards

Your account is now safe.