300 Heroes Wiki

Follow these directions to get Hakurei Reimu for free, and her skin, and 10,000 gold.

This only works if you have migrated your account to the new 300 Heroes servers.


Okay, here is where to begin.


First thing you have to do is log in. Log in name, password, verification code.

After you do that, the page will change to look like this:

Rewards screen.jpg

Do not click the large button, that is the logout button.

Below your name, you will see a list. This is the server list. You must choose a server which you want your rewards to go. You will only unlock Reimu for the one server that you choose.

Server select translated better.jpg

Here is the server list translated.

This list is in the same order that is in on the website.

So the servers are, by number

  • 1.  Archer
  • 2.  Dorothy
  • 3.  Mochizuki
  • 4.  Asuna
  • 5.  Saber
  • 6.  Miku
  • 7.  Kurumi Tokisaki
  • 8.  Misaka Mikoto
  • 9.  Rikka Takanashi
  • 10 Ikaros
  • 11 Mikasa

And then the 3 new servers.

Final Step: Getting rewards[]

Click on the small yellow button in the infocards for the rewards.

Rewards reimu.jpg

(The orange buttons are links with information on how to earn the reward.)

A box will appear showing that it is processing your request.

After several seconds, the box should change to this:

Rewards screen success.jpg

This indicates success. In order to recieve your reward, log in to your server and check your mailbox. The items will then be moved to your inventory, where you must click them in order to unlock the character.

If you have not yet met the conditions (not yet migrated your account), the message will appear as this instead.

Rewards screen conditions failure.jpg

You may click the small yellow box on the other rewards to earn them as well.

However, the present boxes require additional work to earn.

Here are the other requirements:

Rewards event requirements.jpg

You should be able to change that information from your profile page where you put in your chinese name and id originally.

Good luck, and good work earning these rewards.