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Crazy Storm Axe - Kallas

Kallas Stats.jpg


Skill P.jpg
Passive Abilities do not cost mana. Instead, gains Rage by attacking, and gains extra Rage on critical hits and kills. Rage increases Kallas's Crit Chance.
Skill Q.jpg

Passive Effect - Permanent damage bonus, increased based on missing health.

Active Effect - Consumes all Rage to heal Kallas.

Skill W.jpg
W Reduces the Attack Damage of nearby enemies. Enemies with their backs turned are also slowed.
Skill E.jpg
E Whirls to target location dealing damage to enemies in his path. Critical hits reduce this ability's cooldown.
Skill R.jpg
R Gains a large amount of fury. For 5 seconds, Kallas's health cannot drop below 1. This ability can be used even while under heavy crowd control.

Kallas Only Items[]