Crazy Storm Axe - Kallas
Kallas Stats


Skill P
Passive Abilities do not cost mana. Instead, gains Rage by attacking, and gains extra Rage on critical hits and kills. Rage increases Kallas's Crit Chance.
Skill Q

Passive Effect - Permanent damage bonus, increased based on missing health.

Active Effect - Consumes all Rage to heal Kallas.

Skill W
W Reduces the Attack Damage of nearby enemies. Enemies with their backs turned are also slowed.
Skill E
E Whirls to target location dealing damage to enemies in his path. Critical hits reduce this ability's cooldown.
Skill R
R Gains a large amount of fury. For 5 seconds, Kallas's health cannot drop below 1. This ability can be used even while under heavy crowd control.

Kallas Only ItemsEdit

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