Character[edit | edit source]

Kress: Shape-changing Soldier

Kress seems to be an original 300 heroes character, though he might have something to do with the movie Avatar.


Character Price: 420 gold, OR 12 Blue Diamonds

Powers[edit | edit source]

Comparable to "Shaco" from League of Legends.

Major Differences:

  • Instead of Jack in the Box, W increases attack speed.
Passive Attacks and abilities deal extra damage from behind.
Q Turns invisible and teleports to target location. Kress's next attack is guaranteed to critically strike.
W Increases Attack Speed for a short duration.

Passive: Basic attacks slow enemy champions and may cause minions and monsters to miss their attacks.

Active: Deals magic damage to a target and slows. The passive is lost while the ability is on cooldown. 

R Briefly disappears, then reappears with a clone. The clone can be controlled with R, deals reduced damage, takes increased damage, and explodes upon death or after 18 seconds, dealing magic damage.
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