300 Heroes Wiki

Life steal affects attack dmg and based on the % amount of life steal a hero has, that hero will gain a portion of his or her respective health when attacking an enemy minion, monster, buff, or enemy hero.

Image Name Price Description
Sword of Contract.jpg
Doran's Blade 475 HP +80, AD +10, Life Steal +3%
Wiggle's Lantern.jpg
Wriggle's Lantern 1600

Def +30, AD +23, Life Steal +12%

Passive: 20% chance to deal an extra 425 magic damage to minions and monsters

Active: Send a flying scout revealing the area in the direction you choose for 60 seconds, or untill it collides with an enemy hero in which case it will slow them for 33%. 60 second cool down.

Bilgewater Cutlass 1725

AD +35, Life Steal +12%

Active: Deals 150 magic damage to target Hero and slows them by 50% for 3 seconds. 60 second cooldown.

The Bloodthirster 3000

AD +60, Life Steal +12%

Passive: Every kill gets you 1 AD and 0.2% Life Steal, up to 40 AD and 8 Life Steal. You lose half of the stacks on death.

Hextech Gunblade 3425

AD +40, AP +70, Life Steal +15%

Unique Active: Target a hero

If hero has more of same kill as you, enter annihilation mode: deal 150 + 20% max hp as magic damage.

If hero has less kill as you, start anesthesia mode: deal 150 magic damage + stun 1.5 sec

Unique Passive: +20% spell vamp


Magic Res +35, AD +40, Attack Speed +30%, Life Steal +12%

Unique Passive: On normal atk, target get reduce hp regen and hp recovery 50% for 1.5 second

Unique Passive: On normal atk reduce target AP by 15%

Blade Of The Ruined King 3500
  • Attack Damage +45
  • Attack Speed +40%
  • Life Steal +15%

Unique Passive: Your attacks deal 5% of the target's current health in physical damage (60 max vs minions and monsters).

Unique Active: Drains target champion, dealing 15% of the target's maximum health in physical damage (min. 100) and healing you for the damage dealt. Additionally you steal 30% of their movement speed for 3 seconds - 90 second cooldown.