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Lu Bu


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Based on a character from Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

Character Price: 1200 gold, OR 24 Blue Diamonds


Has some similarities with "Renekton" from League of Legends

Major Similarities:

  • Operates on Rage, that when reaches 50 gives skills a bonus effect.
  • Q is an AD based AoE attack, among other things.
  • W is an AD based attack that can cause stun, although only when raged.
  • E can be used as an escape and does damage.
Icon Slot Spellname Description
Passive Musou Lu Bu passively has 5% life steal. Each point of rage gives Lu Bu 0.15% extra life steal. Each auto-attack gives him 5 rage; critical hits give him an extra 5 rage; Killing a target gives an extra 10 rage. 5 rage is lost every second starting from 5 seconds after he leaves combat. At 50 rage his skills gain extra effects.
(WIP) Q Sky Piercer

Passive: Your auto-attacks drain enemy hero's attack damage; this debuff lasts for 5 seconds and stacks up to 9 times.

Active: Attack Damage AoE that lasts for 5 seconds.

Rage Mode: Lu Bu's attack speed is increased by 50%.

Damage: ? / ? / ? / ? / ? + (?% AD)

Cooldown: ? / ? / ? / ? / ? Seconds

(WIP) W Lethal Execution

Deals Attack Damage as an AoE.

Rage Mode: This skill stuns for 1.5 seconds.

Damage: ? / ? / ? / ? / ? + (?% AD)

Cooldown: ? Seconds

(WIP) E Storm Rush

Increases movement speed by 50% and increases the damage of Lu Bu's next auto attack; lasts 4 seconds.

Rage Mode: Lu Bu's armor is increased by 100.

Cooldown: ? / ? / ? / ? / ? Seconds

Cost: ? Mana

(WIP) R Arrival of the Devil

Passive: When Lu Bu's health gets low, He gains temporary invulnerability for 5 seconds, refreshes all other skill's cooldowns, and he gains extra rage. If he kills other heroes during this time, after it ends, Lu Bu gains 15% of his max life.

This skill can also be activated.

Cooldown: ? / ? / ? Seconds