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Mastery is an area that a player is able to focus their intense magical training into, categorized into three specific categories, which are collectively known as masteries. As a player gains levels of power within the 【300 Heroes】, they are able to select which specific areas of interest to focus on.

Player masteries are not set in stone; based on the type of champion you wish to control in a battle arena, masteries can be changed to better suit a player's needs, simply by pressing the "Restore" button to completely reset your masteries and allow yourself to choose others in which to spend your points, you can only spend your masteries up to 30 points .

​Mastery Pages[]

Mastery pages can be stored and, later, chosen during champion selection. You can have up to ? Mastery Pages.


With each level achieved by a Player , the layer also receives one mastery point, capped at 30 mastery points . Each mastery takes one point to increase its level . This add a strategic element to your selection of Player masteries, as you can choose masteries that synergize with your champion, spells, and teammates.


Mastery UI.jpg

  1. Mastery - aka Talent Specialization (In-game)
  2. Mastery trees - There are 3 trees. From left to right :
    1. Soul Specialization
    2. Spiritual Body Specialization
    3. Common Specialization
  3. List of Masteries -You can open 1 mastery each 3 point you spend on the tree
  4. Tree extra effect - Grow with point you spend on tree
  5. Mastery Pages - [+] button to add more page
  6. Mastery Page  Name 
  7. Button - From left to right : Save, Restore , Clear , Delete
  8. Mastery point remain
  9. Effect gain from [4]
  10. Effect gain on [3]


There are three types of trees that your player can develop in:

Here is the first tree, the Ability Power or Mage tree. Officially, "Soul Specialization".

  • Note: These masteries are in the exact order they appear in the tree.
Masteries AP.jpg

Now the second tree, The Attack Damage, or Physical damage tree. Officially, "Spiritual Body Specialization".

Masteries AD.jpg

And for the third and final tree, the Tank tree, http://300-heroes.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Support Support tree, or Defense tree. Officially, "Common Specialization".

Masteries Tank.jpg

The translations are all in the exact same position where the icons would be inside the mastery tree.