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Medea: Thunderfury


Medea seems to be an original 300 Heroes character.

(May be based on Storm from the X-men)


Character Price: 420 gold, OR 12 Blue Diamonds


Virtually identical to "Janna" from League of Legends.


Q: Create a tornado that knocks up enemies in it's path

W: Passively increases move speed. Active: Damage and slow target enemy.

E: Shield target from a set amount of damage.

R: Force away enemies in a circle around you, then heal all allies in the area for several seconds.

Hero Lore[]

  • Warning: This is taken from the 300 heroes guide page and is translated using Google Translate directly from Chinese. Note: Some editing was done to the translation for clarity.

Thunderfury Medea is the youngest island princess. Her mother said that food production on the island was suffering from the hundred years of storms. When Enron was born a princess, her mother died in childbirth.

Then it was discovered that maybe she is the incarnation of thunder storms. Anytime, anywhere, always the princess was difficult and quick to release anger, no maid dared to approach her. This is not only because of wrath, but also because her whole body was surrounded in deadly magic.

As a valued princess, Medea's face is always wearing an arrogant and indifferent expression. She does not bother to walk, because the wind would hold her feet, not filthy dust of the earth which would disgrace her purity.