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Dracule Mihawk: Greateast Swordsman in the World

Dracule Mihawk is a character from One Piece.


Appears to be similar to Jax except for the ult

Character Price: 2880 gold, OR, 36 Blue Diamonds.

Icons: 300 Hero God Meguro knife skills black knife flashed

Shortcuts: Q

Details: God Meguro knife on a precise target, causing the lock Zhanji, inflicting Physical damage.

Shortcuts: W

Details: Passive Effect: increase against the edge of the sword of God Meguro crit active effect: God will remember Meguro knife tries to use his skills to attack enemies within 3 seconds can be counterattack, counterattack caused Physical damage and stuns 1 second.

Icons: 300 Hero eagle eyes Meguro night black knife knife skills

Shortcut Key: E

Details: God Meguro fan blade on the front range of the enemy, inflicting AOE damage, causing physical damage.

Shortcuts: R

Details: God Meguro knife gaze enemies dare to stand before him, within the rectangle on the front of the enemy, causing physical damage and slow down for 4 seconds. Skills to hit the enemies will be marked 8 seconds, 8 seconds God Meguro knife skills are released all the heroes will be marked engraved release, engraved range of skills very far.

Shortcuts: Passive

Details: God Meguro knife skills to cut the enemy, all within 8 seconds will make normal attack inflicts additional trauma.