An item is an artifact or object carried by heroes  to enhance their performance on the battle field. A champion can only carry six items at a time, making the selection of items an important part of achieving victory. Items are only obtainable through the item shop located at the Spawn Pool. This is also where items are sold back for 70% of the total gold spent to obtain them. 

How to open Shop menuEdit

You can direct visit shop by press P on your keyboard when you are in game.

Shop NavigatingEdit

Main Shop MenuEdit

Itemshop main

Main shop Menu

[ English Translation Video

After press P to enter Shop this menu will appear on your screen.I'll named it main menu for now. Here the English for this menu.

  1. Yellow text :
    1. Physical Type
    2. Magical Type
    3. Defensive
    4. Other
    5. Consumable
  2. Orange text:
    1. Recommended Items for your hero
    2. Current Selected Item
    3. Items can upgrade from current selected item
    4. Current Own Items
    5. Buy Button
    6. Sell Button
    7. Current Money ( Gold )

Physical Type MenuEdit

Itemshop atk item

Attack item menu

This is Physical Type item menu.The Physical damage is dealt by all autoattacks ( basically normal attack ).Here the English menu :

  1. Attack Damage
  2. Critical Rate
  3. Attack Speed
  4. Armor Penetration
  5. Lifesteal

​Magical Type MenuEdit

Itemshop magic item

Magic item menu

This is Magical Type item menu. Here the English menu :

  1. Ability Power
  2. Cooldown Reduction
  3. Mana Regeneration
  4. Mana
  5. Magic Penetration

Defensive MenuEdit

Itemshop def item

Def item menu

This is Defensive item menu. Here the English menu :

  1. HP
  2. Armor
  3. Magic Resist
  4. HP Regeneration
  5. Tenacity

Other Item MenuEdit

Itemshop other item

Other item menu

This is Other item menu. Here the English menu :

  1. Movement Speed
  2. Gold Income
  3. Growth Type
  4. Control Type (?)
  5. Aura Type

Note :I will explain a little with these following guy : growth , control , aura type 

Growth type :

- Growth type item is item that can self-grow it stats with your heroes. They can grow by time ( gain point after few second or minute) or grow by kill (gain some point after kill a minion / neutral monster / enemy hero )

Control Type :

- I don't really understand this so i can' t give any explain. I will do it later then...

Aura Type :

- Aura type item is item that provide some aura / buff for you and your teamate in certain radius range. The aura can be increase healing rate , mana regen rate , armor , .....

Consumable MenuEdit

Enter  consumable menu from the main menu and you can buy these that all.

- Consumable item is : HP / Mana potion , ward , ....

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