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Orochimaru is a villain from Naruto.

Character Price: 2880 gold, OR 36 Blue Diamonds



  • BEWARE: These translations taken from Google Translate directly from Chinese
Icon Slot Spellname Description
(WIP) Passive White Snake shelling By more than a certain percentage of the value of their own lives, injury, damage and offset the second shell snake slipped in place, causing the enemy to touch the snake venom effect deceleration
(WIP) Q Latent snake hand

Passive Effect: Do bonus magic damage on basic attacks.

Active Effect: Increases attack speed and spell big pill vampire, causes the passive to deal double damage.

Damage: ? / ? / ? / ? / ? + (?% AP)

Cooldown: ? / ? / ? / ? / 12 Seconds

Cost: ? Mana

(WIP) W Intended to kill Blade

Right spell damage caused by the enemy within and deceleration, intended to kill the first enemy hero will deter, Orochimaru subsequent damage to the separation of half buried in the other sense, the sense of injury if the enemy exceeds its maximum value a certain percentage of the value of life , the next big pill additional extra attacks max health magic damage. Getting a kill or kill assist will refresh the cooldown instantly.

(Create a fissure that deals magic damage in a thin line extending from Orochimaru.)

(WIP) E Competing double snake

Orochimaru instantaneously transports to the enemy's side, causing damage and creating a spell link to the enemy. After a few seconds, if the link hasn't been broken by distance, it activates causing stun for 1.5 seconds.

(WIP) R The flowers snake array

The flowers in the target area called snake array, snakes broke several times in a short burst damage, spell damage caused by each, and caught a snake random array of enemy heroes to launch dual snake Competing. Competing for the link has been double snake target launch another half damage, but the immediate trigger double snake Competing stun

(Something about teleporting around doing damage to enemies in the area of effect.)

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