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Dear "300 Heroes" players Hello: In order to provide a better gaming experience, we will be January 14, 2015 9: 00 were stopped updating, please spread the players: 00-10!

Shake before Kakashi regular attacks from 292 milliseconds to 233 milliseconds to reduce

Island Wind Q comes with every increase of 4% damage reduction effects of armor (stackable) R extra bonus damage from AD into a full-AD R skills before removing the pan

BUG repair

fixes Q skill Kakashi subsequent damage can not enjoy the magic vampire problem

fixes Reimu Hakurei at full cooling situation may lead to full-class Q skill on the same target can not

repair the damage issue Renee E description does not match with the actual skills of injury problems to

repair God Meguro Q knife skills after being W skills affect Sakuya Izayoi hurt go away

repaired free switch Q Assault assault skills crit damage will not enjoy

fixes the black during the move after opening stealth walking translation

fixes Axe triggered E skills during the move after walking translation problems

Added alchemical material related to the sale of the mall

Arena relevant

free Pinocchio

my hero list by Rosa monk

Homura Akemi

Carlos Mei

Ying Jia Yi

Zeng Xiaoxian

full set of magic thorn • L • Lily

Assault freedom incense

Master Zorro

Madoka Kaname

baby girl

magic snake

blood dance of death

Bearded Pig

Captain Ji Guan

eat Ninja

New in 1000 increased by title Mikasa hero wins the title of the universe to increase part hero