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  • Warning: Translated directly from Chinese using Google Translate. Some amount of reasoning and discernment is required if you wish to comprehend.

Dear "300 Heroes" User:

Hello there! We are in at 14:30 on January 28 were non-stop full-service update, this non-stop updates are as follows:

BUG repair

Fixed a spiritual dream of W tied array of skills Octagon ghost magic immune heroes will decelerate and dizziness problems

Fixed Shirai Kuroko's W skill migration can throw magic immune heroes problem

Fixed Shirai Kuroko's skills during the marking target W upgrade skills can ignore the problem of distance using Sec

Fixed Zhuge Liang W skill insight will withstand Friends Fangzeng Yi skills issues

Fix Q Altman skills Spirax Hume light effects will trigger twice equipment problems

Fixes an issue mistakenly triggered Hopi scout skills penetrators E initiative to open special effects equipment

Fixed Hopi scout E penetrators Passive skills will target trigger multiple effects equipment problems

Target will trigger multiple effects equipment problems repaired Monkey King passive skill damage effects trigger

Fixed Guan Yu Q skill in question would chase cut target trigger effects after repeated equipment hit a target

Fixed black black Q skill after the assault would hit the target three times the target trigger special effects equipment problems

Fixed black white issue when using R skills of the ancient incense Madoka Kaname Na or release into the soul of the state target of death, black R skills will enter the cooling in place of

After repairing the Kawasaki mad when three open Q skill Alef attack will not trigger attack effects common problems

Fixes an issue Pinocchio E skills slay big hammer incorrectly triggering effects of physical attacks

E skills to repair the Sakata silver sword shi bi fly problem does not trigger special effects equipment

Fixed watch Conan Q skill effect tranquilizer gun is not to resist the effects of magic-free issue

Fixed problem when small Wukong would transform passive skills around the target to trigger special effects equipment

Fixed end E White Rock shooter skill blood knot can not hurt to open W Black Rock Shooter skills issues

Fixed a full set of R skills cherry king's heart can not trigger lock Zangetsu day problems

Fixed Charlotte Q piercing sword skills will first target trigger additional effects of the problem once and equipment

Fixed night knife God ten Ao Xiang Q skill damage caused by the pressure of the sword to kill the public not to target trigger special effects equipment problems

Restoration of the ancient glaciers Na R skills in the end there is no harm in question after death

Fixed Takanashi W spent six skills darkness Adom reduce the therapeutic effect of the wrong question