Character[edit | edit source]



Skills[edit | edit source]

Exactly "Malphite" from League of Legends.

Icon Slot Skill Name Description
Passive Fat Shield Starts out with a shield worth 10% of maximum HP. The shield refreshes after 10 seconds of not taking damage.
Q Falsely Accuse Sends a targeted projectile at an enemy, dealing magic damage and stealing some of their Movement Speed.
W Conquering Turned to enhance their own armor, shield effect and immediately get fat, shields during the existence of each normal attack to reduce the cooldown of all one second.
E Cracked Earth Deals magic damage around Pig (damage scales with Armor) and slows the Attack Speed of enemies hit.
R Mountains Collapse Charges to target area, knocking enemies into the air when he arrives and dealing magic damage.

Credit goes to : Tomsorcer , Wyvernmmd , Candorous, SKT1Faker

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