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Purple Heart: Neptune

Purple Heart is the main character of the video game Hyperdimension Neptunia.

Update: This character is now available for gold as of the 10/31/14 patch!

Updated to the reworked version, ( ^_^)/bye bye old Neptune passive v(^_^)v

Character Price: 6000 Gold, OR 45 Blue Diamonds.


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Recommended Items[]

Ms11.jpgSword of Occult.jpg17.jpg10.jpg36.jpg<< you can decide which to go 1st >>Hp21.jpg

This item build will help you surprise/catch enemy and build up stack each time you manage to kill or assist.

Your 17.jpg has a good range to slow enemy and suck out their MP, your auto attack is fast enough to shard their MP and kill turret better

After full build and finally getting 6500 gold... well... you're on your own for this one... depending on what you're up against...

This build took me long to make, and finally found out what Neptune lacking...

  • You need to land your E to do better damage. MOST of the time, enemy will run, be passive and careful once you're in their sight
    • I know you got R to gap close, but you won't know if enemy is nearby, finish you off before you get a kill. You need the "Element of Surprise" to kill and get out ASAP.
  • Lacking of Attack Speed to kill turret.
  • How to catch enemy

Once you teleport and near the enemy, your combo is Q >> W or not >> R >> E >> R >> W if not used yet >> AA till Q and E is ready ( try to be near for E to land and careful of aiming Q )

Mini Histoire (talk) 11:24, December 1, 2014 (UTC)