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Sasukes Skills[]

Skills Q

Wan snake

Psychic surgery - Eagle: Increases movement speed, and can pass through units. Activate Eagle state, temporarily get two seconds of the sky.

Psychic surgery - Wan Snake: get a percentage of immune damage effects. Activation Wan snake state, temporarily increase the toughness 100 points for 2 seconds

Skills W

Chidori stream

Release of thousands of birds left two little streams, for four weeks emits 12 current, each current spell damage caused by the enemy units and reduce the target's movement speed, current injuries and effects can be superimposed

Skills E


Left two less to the target release Amaterasu, inflicting Physical damage. Target will continue to be Amaterasu burning, causing physical damage per second for 5 seconds. Amaterasu burning close to the unit will be infected with Amaterasu

Skills R

Susa can almost

Wake Susa can almost, Sasuke's attacks become ranged attacks, regular attacks with Amaterasu attacks; kaleidoscope write round eyes to enhance the effect of the original two-fold; and improve their attack speed for 15 seconds