300 Heroes Wiki

The shop is an easy way to find Heroes and items based on how much currency you currently have.

Getting to the Shop[]

Clicking on the button directly next to the Play button will bring you to the shop. Here, you can browse items and Heroes, which are sorted by tabs respective to what they sort.

The Items Tab[]

This tab allows you to search for items, and random item packs. Normally, items aren't allowed to be brought into matches, but there's a a game-mode called "Eternal Battleground" which allows you to bring these items into combat.

The Hero Tab[]

This tab allows you to browse Heroes within your budget. Clicking on the green button below each portrait will give you a better understanding of the Hero you want to purchase

Individual Item Tab[]

This tab will allow you to search for individual items.

Shard Tab[]

This tab is full of different shards that can be used to fuse together to creae different shards. (Needs Confirmation)

Potions and Consumables Tab[]

This tab will allow you to find potions and consumable items.

Chest Tab[]

Holds chests, presumably holding random items.

VIP Tab[]

This tab is used to purchased items with VIP points.