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Spiritual Body SpecializationMastery.jpg

Spiritual Body  Specialization Tree focus most on Attack Damage , Attack Speed , Critical Rate , Lifesteal , ....

Player need to invest 3 point to unlock 1 mastery skill .Player  only can unlock 1 skill on 1 row (can change to another skill at anytime by re-select skill ). 1 Mastery Tree have 5 row which mean you can have up to 5 Mastery skills.

It would take 15 points to fill the Spiritual Body  Specialization Mastery Tree to its maximum capacity.

Bonus Stats[]

When invest point on this tree , player also get bonus stats for each point they spend.

On Spiritual Body Specialization Mastery Tree player will gain additional Attack Damage and Attack Speed.

List of Masteries[]

Icon Mastery Name Description Effect
SBS R1C1.jpg
Power of Giant [WIP] + 4 Attack Damage
SBS R1C2.jpg
Iron Sheet [WIP] + 7 Armor
SBS R1C3.jpg
Sturdy  [WIP] + 42 HP
SBS R2C1.jpg
Birth of Power [WIP] + 0.7 AD per Level
SBS R2C2.jpg
Lightning Reflexes [WIP] + 5.6% Attack Spees
SBS R2C3.jpg
Robust Blood  [WIP] + 5.5 HP per Level
SBS R3C1.jpg
Rage Strike [WIP] +3% Critical Rate
SBS R3C2.jpg
Hurricane  [WIP] +3% Movement Speed
SBS R3C3.jpg
Tissue Regeneration [WIP] + 5.7 HP regeneration per seconds
SBS R4C1.jpg
Rip  [WIP] +8 Armor Penetrate
SBS R4C2.jpg
Horny skin [WIP] + 1.37 Armor per Level
SBS R4C3.jpg
Bloodthirsty  [WIP] + 3% Lifesteal
SBS R5C1.jpg
Killer Instinct [WIP] +8% Armor Penetrate 
SBS R5C2.jpg
Uninhibited Wild [WIP] + 10 Tenacity
SBS R5C3.jpg
Predator  [WIP] Restore 8 HP each kill