Just a League of Legends players playing 300 heroes for fun.

I have a thing about organizing things properly so most of my edits are about that.

Mostly I am disappointed that everything I want isn't already here, so I am doing what I can to change that so that people who come after me will find everything they want.

Favorite Champions[edit | edit source]





Any champion copied from League of Legends

Major Contributions[edit | edit source]

Honestly I made way too much contributions to list here cause I did way too much to have to keep a record of it as well haha. Mostly just filled out a lot of non-existent pages without actually doing most of the characters powers (since I didn't know them), Also made most of the categories.

Creating over 30+ Hero pages and adding them to the Hero List and Heroes sections

Creating over 50+ categories and (sort of) filling them out

Adding the translated masteries, the patch notes, the 2015 migration and reward page, the user interface navigation help, the downloading/installing help including video, soon the summoner spells translation, most of the additions to the front page, added a LOT of photos for different hero pages, created the hero predictions page, created the dota/LoL pages, added prices to most of the heroes in the game,

Almost anything involving a category or extra information other than a characters powers or items is probably me

Alphabetical Champion List (around 40 names and links added)

Creating Lifesteal page

Creating Archibald page

Creating Afanti page

Creating Arthas page

Creating Keima Katsuragi page

Created and filled Hero category

Created Hero List category

Created and filled LoL copies category

Revamped "navigating chinese menus"

Creating Hero Attributes

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