Hello there, I'm playing 300 Heroes in Sword Art Online ( Asuna Icon )

I'm back after of a long quit period... well not really a quit because I have other things to do and play with...

I came back because I'm bored. I'll try to update, I won't be able to update it with direct or quite accurate translation.

If I'm not online, I could be doing other things instead of 300 heroes / Updating Wiki. I have a life too, you know?

My in-game name is ネプテューヌV, my favorite Character to use is 

  • Ikaros

6.jpgMs3.jpg15.jpg12.jpgPhantom Dancer.png8.jpg

  • Purple Heart 

Ms11.jpgSword of Occult.jpg17.jpg10.jpg36.jpgHp21.jpg

  • Shimakaze
  • Kotori

IMPORTANT: You're on your own and others might help translate... sorry everyone!!

I'll still do some update... but no direct translate, but my own knowledge/guessing

I done so far are...

  • Ikaros ( fixed her skills description with skill per level cooldown and damage )
  • Kurumi ( All of her skill description and add image )
  • Yaya ( All of her skill description and add image )
  • Purple Heart (  All of her skill description and add image )
  • Tohka (  All of her skill description and add image )

How to Top up in 300 Heroes[edit | edit source]

If you came across and see this, maybe I still haven't put up a guide of how to top up.

Currently I use "http://www.seagm.com/jun-wang-jcard-china"

Thanks and credit to Prayashland, for helping me

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