I'm just someone who enjoys playing this game and would like to help others get into this game, but have the language barrier to get over. I have contributed to this wiki anonymously before making a profile. 

My contributions to this wiki include: 

  1. White Rock Shooter ability descriptions
  2. Madoka Kaname ability descriptions
  3. Momo ability descriptions
  4. Hei ability descriptions
  5. Gilgamesh ability descriptions
  6. Himura Kenshin ability descriptions
  7. Akemi Homura ability descriptions

​And most importantly: Ryuuko Matoi ability descriptions, hero strategy, recommended items, and recommended leveling order.

My mains are:

  • ADC: Gilgamesh
  • Bruiser/ Tank: Gintoki Sakata
  • AP carry: Madoka
  • Support: Shu Ouma

I play on the Sword Art Online server under the name BasedMadoka. Feel free to add me, i'd love to play with other players that speak english. 

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