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White Rock Shooter2.jpg
White Rock Shooter: Sing Love

White Rock Shooter is the main antagonist in the Black Rock Shooter game.

Update: This character is now available for gold as of the 1/23/15 patch!

Character Price: 6000 gold, OR 45 Blue Diamonds


Icon Slot Spellname Description
Passive WRSS abilities that deal damage apply a stacking slow to enemy units. At 4 stacks, enemies are dealt extra damage and are stunned.
Q White Scythe

WRS deals physical damage to enemies in an area around her.

Damage: ? / ? / ? / ? / ? + (?% AD)

Cooldown: ? / ? / ? / ? / ? Seconds

Cost: ? Mana

W World Maker WRS gains a percentage bonus to her attack damage and movement speed for a few seconds. If she is damaged by an enemy spell during the duration, she gains a shield.
E Dead End WRS channels for 1 second and fires 4 projectiles in a line in front of her, dealing physical damage to all enemies hit.
R White Wings WRS blinks to a target area a brief delay and deals physical damage around her after she blinks. WRS gains a stack of her ult every 18 seconds. Using her ult consumes one stack.

One of her damaging combos would begin with W, and then followed by: (R+Q+R+E+Q+R)