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Edward Newgate: Whitebeard

Whitebeard is a character from One Piece.

Character Price: 2880 gold, OR, 36 Blue Diamonds.



Pocket cut


Cut to the front of a mass collapse of energy, constantly shrinking pulling nearby enemy targets, the enemy will be affected by the energy spell damage, and attach the shock effect

Ukrainian shake


Passive Effect: After the attack the enemy will be fanzhen, reducing attack speed.

Active effect: shock air to form shield, absorbing damage. In the presence of a normal attack shield will reduce air shock cooling time by enemy attack, the attacker will be superimposed shock effect

Empty earthquake


Violent concussion of air, causing all nearby enemies spell damage and slow down. If the target has been the shock effect, it will collapse, officials from the ground

Space crack


The target area vigorously jump cut, blow fly damage to all enemies within, and attach the shock effect

Epicenter fruit


Normal attack will be appended shock effect, reducing target armor and magic resistance. 6 layers stacked full attack target will revert itself a certain proportion of the value of life maximum value of life