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Zeng XiaoXian.png
Zeng Xiaoxian: "Good man is me, I am Zeng Xiaoxian."

Character Bio[]

A host for the late-night radio talk show: “Your Moon, My Heart.” He is kind, sensitive but wimpy, often being forced into situations that are out of his control. Despite jokingly claiming to be a famous celebrity, his talk show is very unpopular and he is often ridiculed by his boss, Lisa.


Zeng Xiaoxian is a character from the chinese sitcom iPartment.


Available for 6000 Gold or 45 Blue Diamonds


Hit Points: 8 Attack Damage: 7 Magic Damage: 0 Support: 6 Difficulty: 2

Hit Point 589 (+85) Attack Damage 54 (+3.1)
Mana Point

300 (+35)

Attack Speed 0.69 (+0.03)
Physical Armor 18 (+3) Move Speed 307
Magic Resist 30 (+1.25) Range 130


Icon Slot Skill Name Description
Zen P.jpg
Passive Good Man After being attacked, reduces the enemy's attack speed by 40% for 1 second.
Zen Q.jpg
Q Silver Sword Tempest Zeng spins his sword around for 5 seconds, losing the ability to perform basic attacks and dealing 10/15/20/25/30 (+20% Bonus Attack Damage) physical damage per 0.25 seconds to enemies hit during the duration. The damage dealt is increased by 50% if the target has been affected by Fudge.

Cost : 60 Mana

Cooldown : 12 Seconds

  • Maximum Damage = 200/300/400/500/600 (+400% Bonus Attack Damage)
  • Maximum Damage Fudge= 300/450/600/750/900 (+400% Bonus Attack Damage?)
Zen W.jpg
W Fudge Every time Zeng performs a basic attack on an enemy unit, he applies a Fudge debuff for 5 seconds. If an enemy who has the Fudge debuff goes further than 500 range from Zeng, the debuff will be removed and will deal 70/120/170/220/270 (+100% Attack Damage) physical damage.

Cost : None

Cooldown : None

Zen E.jpg
E Harass Every time Zeng’s skills damages an enemy unit, has a 14%/18%/22%/26%/30% chance to taunt the enemy unit for 0.75 seconds. Any target that is currently taunted by Harass cannot be taunted by this passive.

Cost : None

Cooldown : None

  • Taunted targets become uncontrollable and attack only Zeng.
Zen R.jpg
R Facade Deals 350/500/650 (+150% Total Attack Damage) physical damage. The target enemy hero’s HP will then restore by 50% of the skill's damage every second for 5 seconds. It also slows the target enemy hero by 30% of their movement speed for the entire duration this skill.

Cost : 100 Mana

Cooldown : 70/50/30 Seconds

  • If Facade is used while Zeng is using Silver Sword Tempest, Silver Sword Tempest will immediately end.